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Non-Toxic Product Guides:How To Choose A Non-Toxic Lip Balm (& 3 Of Our Faves!)

Your non-toxic lip balm guide is here! We’ve got the ingredients to avoid and a few products we’re loving right now, to help you choose a non-toxic lip balm that you can feel good about.

Non-Toxic Product Guides:Get An A+ In Eco-Friendly School Supplies This Year!

Back to school shopping – either you love it, or you hate it. If you’re not one of those people who loves the smell of a brand new composition book or a freshly-sharpened number 2 pencil (mmm!), you can still have fun thanks to our handy, dandy guide to eco-friendly school supplies! Check out some of our funky, favorite finds that are easy on the planet, too.

Non-Toxic Product Guides:Our Non-Toxic Baby Wipes Product Guide (& 3 Of Our Faves!)

The baby wipe is rightfully beloved by parents everywhere. Unfortunately, many popular brands (even “natural” ones) are exposing our children to toxic chemicals. Here are 3 of our current favorite non-toxic baby wipes brands, as well as a rundown on which ingredients to avoid!