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  1. Sheila Schroeder
    We love this product and have been using it for several years. It works especially well with microfiber cloths.
  2. Sheena
    I absolutely LOVE this product! With 5 month old twins I was looking for a product that not only was safe but cleaned/disinfected everything with ease, not only do I feel comfortable spraying this on everything but I love how "clean" it smells! I was worried because of the ingredients it would have a vinegar-y smell but it actually is a light, pleasant (almost bleach like??) smell. I feel like I clean more now because I can confidently use this on everything! I tell everyone about this product and definitely recommend this, especially to parents! (Works great on mats and toys that aren't easily washable) It is a must have for sure!
  3. CleanFreak
    I seriously am so glad I found this. It’s such a great peace of mind to spray down things that I know won’t hurt my kids. I used to be so careful spraying bleach on a raw meat plate when I put it in the sink so that bleach didn’t get onto my clean dishes right by the sink, now I don’t have to worry! We freeze dry and I have been using FON to sanitize the freeze dryer! It is so awesome!
  4. Babes
    Love Force of Nature! I use it anywhere without the harsh chemicals and I feel safe to use it around my grandchildren.
  5. Amy Beechner
    Amazing product! I only wish I would have jumped in sooner. My daughter introduced me to FoN over a year ago. I also bought a unit for each floor of our future vacation rental. I love the power and the great smell. Feels like I'm doing something good for the planet and our own little piece of paradise. Thank you
  6. Andrea
    Bought it for my medical office and now using it at home also, great product, easy to prepare and refill!
  7. Savannah
    I have been using Force of Nature for 6 years and will never go back to any other cleaner. I use it all over my house and I love that it is safe to use around my children. I just replaced my unit because my original one went out and I like the new design much better.
  8. Kyle
    My husband and I love this stuff. I need another spray bottle because we use it everywhere. It’s great being able to clean up after preparing raw chicken or pork and not worry about getting poison in other food or on dishes. It smells enough like bleach to make me feel confident it is killing germs but not so strong that it burns my skin or the odor linger on my hands all day. I feel like a good housewife using FON. We bought a bidet a week before getting FON and using it on that without worrying about causing a rash to very sensitive areas has been a blessing. I used to choke, cough and suffer watery eyes when cleaning the bathroom. Not anymore! I can’t recommend FON enough. Try it. You’ll love it!
  9. Penwatts
    I bought force of nature 1 year bundle and I love that it’s all natural! I sprayed my entire house after making the first bottle. It’s super easy to use and I love knowing it kills 99.9% bacteria. I just ordered another for my dil for her bday. She has twin baby boys and knowing she can spray down their toys, bedding etc and it’s all safe. Great product, will let everyone I know about it.
  10. Esther
    This product is the BEST!!! March of '18 was when I first bought this and have been giving Force of Nature to friends and family since. For years (when our kids were young) I wished for a product like this. Just AMAZING!!!
  11. LOlteanu
    We love this product! I use it to clean everything from baby toys to the bathroom!
  12. Kat and Torrence
    Finding this product was a game changer for us. As a health conscious couple, we became aware of the chronic toxic exposures we have in our every day products. It was overwhelming to learn of the health effects for us and our environment. Force of Nature was just what we were looking for and we will never look back. It is powerfully effective and more importantly, safe, and reduces a significant amount of waste. Can’t beat the customer service either. Highly recommend, you won’t regret making this conscious change. Thank you!!!
  13. Judi Smallwood
    Last year while visiting my grandkids I noticed my daughter-in-law had a bottle of cleaning g solution that smelled like bleach and wasn’t bleach. I used it to clean her countertops and I was sold. I did do a thorough research of the product. I was sold. I bought a years supply of the vials. I love it and use daily on countertops,stove, sink and table. I also use to clean the bathrooms.
  14. Jamie
    A friend of mine told me about force of nature because I love bleach but don’t care for the harsh chemicals. I ordered it and I am in love! It has that bleach clean feel and a faint scent. I feel so much better using this!
  15. Karen Hebert
    I absolutely love the ease and thorough cleaning I get with this product. The switch to something safe and worthy that works so well is a totally win!
  16. Lizzie
    Force of Nature is brilliant! A child safe, pet safe disinfectant that is easy to use and can use on just about anything! I love having it handy especially when my grandchildren are around! It is safe to use and keeps the germs away! I have bought kits for my adult children too!
  17. Nadine
    The product is excellent, the cleaner/disinfectant works incredibly well. To have something that is not toxic for kids/pets and us big people and cleans well is why we switched to Force of Nature. My husband was skeptical at first, but he looked into it further and it got his thumbs up. Only complaint I have, you need a Canadian website in Canadian dollars.
  18. Julie
    This product does exactly what it claims to do. I use it now to clean just about every surface in my home, including my leather finish granite countertops. I spray my shower curtain down with it after every shower. I use it in my hydroponic system. It just smells clean and not like chemicals. I love it so much I bought a kit for my daughter.
  19. jesuslovesya
    HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Ditch all of your other EXTREMELY toxic cleaning supplies for this incredible product! It’s just AMAZING!
  20. Kara
    I’ve been using Force of Nature daily for over 5 years & continue to be impressed by the simplicity, power & peace of mind it offers. I’ve given several to people as gifts & recommended it to dozens of people. I use it in so many ways, but really appreciate being able to disinfect tricky things like my kids’ backpacks, shoes & lunchboxes as well as just deodorizing & freshening up my whole home! I was so grateful to find this when I was switching over to clean ingredient products. It’s a game changer!
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