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There you are, staring at that binky floating in the dog bowl, wondering what’s worse – what it’s floating in, or what you clean it with? Or the diaper pail (is it really anybody’s genie?) with the eye-watering odor it breathes into your sweet little nursery. It's awful, but how much worse are the hazmat sprays you use to disinfect your changing area?
We get it. We’re parents too and we think children and pets should be able to explore, have fun, and make messes without being exposed to toxic cleaning chemicals. And we think that when they’re FINALLY old enough to help clean up their own art projects, science experiments, and baking messes, they should be able to!
That’s why we created Force of Nature. When we learned about electrolyzed water, a technology used in industrial applications for everything from green cleaning to wound healing, veterinary care and eye care, we knew it would be the answer parents just like us were looking for. Our mission is to help parents create healthier homes by taking the toxins, and worry, out of cleaning. We hope you’ll join us!
Sandy Posa
Founder and CEO
Sandy has always been a “green” dad due to allergies in his family, so he totally gets the compromises parents have to make between cleaning power and safety. Before Force of Nature, Sandy was hard at work creating new products for brands like Kraft, Gatorade, Quaker Oats, and Gillette. Combining the ingenuity of electrolyzed water with our company's mission, Sandy aims to make the world safe for all our little explorers.

Melissa Lush
Founder and CMO
A kindergarten accident sparked Melissa’s wonder in electrolyzed water. One day her son ran into a play structure, and she chatted with the kind nurse taking care of him. She learned about how wounds heal and about hypochlorous acid. With a background in product innovation at Procter & Gamble (and a lot of experience cleaning up her own family's messes), Melissa knew it was the answer Moms like her were looking for.

We look forward to helping you keep your home, and our environment, safe from toxic cleaning chemicals!

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