We launched Force of Nature in 2016 to get the toxic chemicals and single-use plastic bottles out of cleaning products.

We know it sounds a little far-fetched that you can transform salt, water and vinegar into a cleaner and disinfectant as powerful as bleach. Stay with us, we can explain.

force of nature being poured into its bottle

Where We Started

When our kiddos arrived, like a lot of parents, we researched cleaning chemical safety. Ooof.

DYK there are no federal safety standards for cleaners labeled “natural”? Or that the one word “fragrance” on a label can hide a cocktail of toxic chemicals, including phthalates?

After lots of searching, we found a gamechanger, but it was an industrial technology. Our challenge was to shrink a huge piece of equipment down for a countertop. This is what our 1st product looked like. Cute, right?

business kit for force of nature

The Back Story

The technology that makes Force of Nature work is called “electrolyzed water”, and it uses electricity to change the molecular structure of salt and water into a multi-purpose cleaner and very unique antimicrobial called hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is used in a number of applications because it’s powerful on pathogens like bleach is, but extremely gentle. Fun facts:

  • HOCl is commonly used in wound healing and eye care products.
  • It’s the same substance your immmune system produces to fight infection.
  • Like carbonation in a drink, it dissipates over time, which is why you have to make it fresh vs buying it bottled.
  • In industrial applications, vinegar isn’t used. We added vinegar to our formula to adjust the pH, which allows the disinfecting power to last a full 2 weeks.
a fresh batch of Force of Nature being poured into spray bottle

Practice makes perfect

Our early customers gave us great feedback that we built into our current designs.

  • Likes We Kept
  • The formula
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Low cost per oz
  • Mehs We Fixed
  • 2 piece electrolyzer
  • LED display
  • Tricky spray bottle

Our growing family

In 2022, we launched Force of Nature Pro to meet the needs of large footprint businesses looking for simple, cost-saving ways to be more sustainable. In 2023, we launched certified biodegradable laundry detergent sheets that eliminate bulky plastic jugs and pods. And we’re still busy dreaming up more products that are better for our people and our planet!

Giving Back

We donate 1% of sales to the nonprofits our customers choose at checkout. Our current partners are:

fighting pretty icon

Fighting Pretty

Helps women feel strong and beautiful during and after cancer treatments.

room to grow icon

Room to Grow

Provides caregivers with essential baby and toddler items.

one tree planted

One Tree Planted

Plants trees to combat deforestation and sequester carbon emissions.

hour children icon

Hour Children

Assists children of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

Nice to meet you

Thanks for stopping by! We started Force of Nature asking questions like: why aren’t there any sustainable cleaning products effective enough to kill germs? Why are natural cleaners so expensive? And of course, what’s with all the single-use bottles?

With our backgrounds in product development, we knew that if we could erase the compromises, people would much rather use planet-friendly, family-friendly cleaning products. So with a small team of R&D, chemistry and product design experts, we got to work creating the first EPA registered multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant you can make on your countertop. With our Green Seal, Carbon Neutral, Clean Label and Leaping Bunny certifications, we’re relentless in raising the standards in the cleaning industry.

As a small business, we’re incredibly grateful to our customers who are helping us eliminate millions of single-use plastic bottles every month – and the toxic chemicals that go into them.

Melissa Lush

Sandy Posa