20 Ways to Detox Your Home & Keep It Clean, Sanitized & Disinfected

detox your home

Even when there isn’t a global pandemic, keeping our houses clean and disinfected is important to avoiding sickness-causing germs. So what do we do about the fact that toxic ingredients in many conventional cleaning products are actually making us sick? Here’s how to keep everything sparkling clean, sanitized, and disinfected with Force of Nature as you detox your home.

Babies & Kids

1. Bath Toys

Keeping young kids healthy is every parent’s main priority, but conventional disinfectants aren’t safe to use when you’re around children, especially those young enough to put objects in their mouths. Force of Nature is gentle enough to spray right on a bath toy without rinsing. Clean bath toys by spraying down with Force of Nature a few times a week. If you have the squirty kind, pour some Force of nature in a cup, fill the toy with the solution and shake around to get in all the nooks and crannies where bacteria can hide.

2. Baby Toys & Teethers

Pacifiers, teethers and baby toys are all designed knowing babies need to teethe and chew, but they end up in a lot of other places, too. Give your little ones’ toys a spray down with Force of Nature after they hit the floor or grocery cart to kill germs and viruses. No need to rinse!

3. Diaper Bags

The catch-all that catches stuff you might not want it to – like spilled milk from a bottle or some seriously gross germs from the floor. For gross smells and stains, spray your diaper bag down inside and let dry.

4. Children’s Toys

Legos, trains, robots, those weird squishy things that you can throw and they’ll stick to windows, “treasures” (read: trash) from your morning stroll – all these things can be sprayed down with Force of Nature to kick germs and bacteria to the curb.

5. Humidifiers

Doctors always tell you to run one when your kids are sick, but they don’t have to take apart and clean all those annoying pieces! Here’s an easy way to get yours clean and sanitized: after each use, empty the humidifier, spray in Force of Nature, shake it around, then empty to let dry naturally. You can then fill it up with fresh water without rinsing!

6. Backpacks & Lunch Boxes

What does the school bathroom and the floor of the bus have in common? Your kids’ lunchbox touches both of them! Gross, right? Spray down backpacks and lunchboxes with Force of Nature to keep them fresh and clean.

7. Thermoses, Straw Cups & Sippy Cups

Sippy cups and thermoses are notoriously fussy and hard to clean with their many parts, seals, and straws. To really get them clean, spray them inside and out thoroughly and collect some Force of Nature in the bottom of the cup. Reassemble and shake them hard, wait a few minutes, and then empty. These have lots of nooks & crannies where old liquids can fester, but most of these items shouldn’t go into the dishwasher.

Outdoor & Active Gear

8. Patio Furniture

As you prep your outdoor spaces for the coming season, ditch toxic disinfecting wipes and harsh chemicals for treating musty smells or mildew and mold stains. You can spray Force of Nature directly onto color safe fabric to remove mildew and mold stains. First, test in an inconspicuous spot, then soak the cushion completely and let it dry without rinsing. Don’t treat your fabrics with stain treatments or water repellents like Scotchguard, which contain harmful substances called PFAS that are linked to a host of terrible health effects like hormone disruption.

9. Yoga Mats

Just spray your mat down after each session, and Force of Nature removes the odor and anything gnarly that is trying to namastink up your mat!

10. Camping Gear

Dirty pets, dirty humans, and the great outdoors can equal some seriously stinky camping gear – not to mention those sleeping bags are pretty impossible to wash in a normal size washing machine. Instead, spray your gear, sleeping bags, boots, backpacks, and camping mattresses down with Force of Nature after each use and let them air dry before storing.

Clothing & Upholstery Stains

11. Front Load Washers

Front-load washers are awesome – except for that gross smell that comes from the stagnant water that sits in the gaskets between wash cycles. After every load, spray down the gaskets and seals with Force of Nature to inhibit mold and mildew growth.

12. Cloth diapers and Reusable “Paper” Towels

Cloth diapering and cleaning with cloth is such a great way to reduce waste. Soak the diapers or towels in Force of Nature for 10 minutes after removing any solid waste and before washing. Soaking allows the fully concentrated disinfecting power of Force of Nature to go to work, so you want to give it time before diluting it with the water used in your washing machine. Best of all, there’s no toxic residue or fumes left behind!

13. Furniture & Rug Stains

First, you want to check for colorfastness. Spot test in a hidden area and let dry to confirm, then go stain-removing crazy! If you’re working with a spill like juice or wine, blot as much as you can, then spray Force of Nature until the stained area is saturated, then blot again with a clean cloth.

For pet accidents (the worst!), first, remove what you can without rubbing any stain into the fibers. Then, spray on Force of Nature. You can scrub using a brush or towels until the mess is mostly gone – which might take a little elbow grease and repetition! When you can no longer see the stain, fully saturate the area one more time and check the back of the rug – if so, soak that, too, to remove stains, germs, and odors. Let it dry naturally without rinsing.

14. Cars

Oh the car. It’s just so gross. If your four and two-legged friends are making it a stinky, gross, crumb-filled nightmare, know this: Force of Nature can help de-stick, de-gummy, and un-stink any surface in your car, from upholstery to cupholders to that annoying area where all the milk-filled thermoses roll under.


15. Toothbrushes

Their proximity to other…not super clean areas of the bathroom means they need a spray down on the daily! Just spray then shake off any residue, no need to rinse.

16. Makeup brushes

Spray them regularly with Force of Nature to kill the common bacteria build-up that can cause skin breakouts! Good to know: Force of Nature is 100% Top Allergen Free, rated by the Mayo Clinic’s Skin Safe, an organization that evaluates product safety from an allergy perspective.


17. The Fridge

From stuck-on spills to stinky food, Force of Nature will get your fridge to sparkle and you don’t need to rinse before putting food back on the shelves and in the drawers.

18. Sponges

Let’s just say this: the sponge may be the single germiest item in your kitchen since it sits wet all day. Spray it every day with Force of Nature and replace it often.

Two Big Ones

19. Pet Beds, Crates And Other…Homes

Force of Nature is awesome to use around pets because it doesn’t contain ingredients harmful to pets that can be found in many conventional cleaning products. Use Force of Nature to spray down stinky beds, crate liners, leashes, collars, chew toys and anything else that your furry friends may be stinking up – litter boxes, too! Fun fact: many veterinary care products utilize hypochlorous acid, which is the disinfecting ingredient in Force of Nature!

20. Hands & Door Knobs

Like peanut butter and jelly, hands and doorknobs and handles just go together to make germ spreading easy and efficient. Stop this duo in their tracks with Force of Nature. Give your doorknobs and handles a frequent spray down with Force of Nature (you can let it air dry!). Or, if you’re on-the-go without access to soap & water, spray Force of Nature to clean your hands, too.

Let’s Detox Your Home, Together!

There are so many ways to use Force of Nature to keep your home sparkling clean and disinfected without putting your family at risk. Kick your old, toxic cleaning chemicals to the curb and reduce your waste with our revolutionary (and reusable!) cleaning system.

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