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Effectively Disinfect & Protect Gym Equipment With Force of Nature

Gym owners are the first to know that effective disinfecting is mission-critical. From resetting studio and locker areas to wiping down sweaty equipment, it’s important to keep your cleaning and disinfecting game as strong as your athletic game. Yoga studios and gyms are a perfect environment for sickness-causing germs like MRSA and illnesses like COVID-19 […]

Creating Effective Disinfecting Plans for Schools

The strongest tools of defense a school has against germs will always be handwashing and disinfecting. Simple, right? The only problem is that, as anyone who’s worked with kids will tell you, they tend to hear what you say, and do the exact opposite. Little rebels in the making! That leaves schools with disinfecting as […]

Preparing Your School For Reopening Post-COVID Vaccine: How To Disinfect Effectively

As schools across our country reopen and teachers, administrators and even some students receive their COVID-19 vaccines, we know you may have questions about how to effectively clean, sanitize, and disinfect your classroom going forward. During the pandemic, our disinfecting practices as a country increased dramatically, and for good reason. Unfortunately, there is increased concern […]

Does Vinegar Kill Viruses? Why It’s Not Effective

Simple, household vinegar has long been used as an alternative to toxic conventional cleaning products, but is it effective at killing viruses? Here are a few reasons why vinegar alone is not effective at killing viruses. Vinegar & Viruses: Why Vinegar Isn’t Effective At Killing Viruses. Vinegar Isn’t Powerful Enough To Kill Viruses Even undiluted vinegar […]

How to Clean Hydroponic Growing Systems Without Toxic Chemicals

With the rising popularity of vegetable gardens, hydroponic growing systems have taken a front-row seat. These growers promise a high-quality indoor garden, with the simple planting of greens, veggies, fruits, and even herb seedlings.  Hydroponic growing systems are vertical growing systems specifically for indoors and are self-watering. These are a great option for growing your own […]

The Cleaning Product Health Risks You Need To Know About

If you’re like most people, you probably assume that cleaning product health risks only happen if protective gear like gloves or masks isn’t used, or if caustic chemicals aren’t rinsed from surfaces, or if the wrong chemicals are mixed. There is one very important reason why this is not a safe assumption: Manufacturers aren’t required […]

How Does Force of Nature Compare?

“How does Force of Nature compare to…”? We get this question a lot! We know you have lots of choices when it comes to cleaning products – scents, surfaces, foams, sprays, wipes, expensive, inexpensive, “natural”, “green”, and more. Here is how Force of Nature compares to the most common types of cleaning products. How does […]

How To Kill Mold Without Bleach

Bleach is the go-to fungus-killer for many homes and businesses and has been for over a hundred years. It’s ingrained in us to reach for bleach whenever you have to kill or prevent mold. But that habit comes with a dramatic health costs for people and our planet. The good news is that there is […]

Are Disinfectant Wipes Safe? What You Need to Know.

Disinfectant and antibacterial cleaning wipes have always been popular but have recently risen in popularity due to the Covid-19 pandemic and monkeypox outbreak, so much so that there was a shortage nationwide. However convenient these cleaning products may be, there are several important factors to consider before you make your next purchase. Toxic Ingredients Most […]

Why What You’re Cleaning With Matters

When it comes to keeping your business clean and free from sickness-causing germs, the products you use matter. Not only do your products determine how effectively you’ll be able to kill sickness-causing germs, but they also dictate which toxic chemicals you expose your employees, cleaning staff, and clients to. Sadly, not all cleaning products are […]

Babies and Cleaning Chemicals: How to Keep Your Babies Safe – And Your Home Sparkling Clean, Too!

After a deep clean, as you watch your munchkin crawl across the floor, you probably look around at your home feeling satisfied and ever-so-briefly calm – you’re keeping your family safe and healthy, after all! Sadly, the products you thought you were using to keep your family safe from germs may actually be putting them […]

Keeping Your College Campus Clean and Disinfected With Force of Nature

Kids may grow up, but they don’t grow out of germs. As a college or university, you’ve probably seen this first-hand as bugs and viruses spread like rapid-fire through your campus. You want to protect your students, faculty, and staff and keep your facilities clean, but, unfortunately, there are a lot of compromises in the cleaning […]

Fight Back Against Common Gym Germs With EPA-Registered Disinfectant

Gyms are all about health and wellness, but, as a gym owner, you know more than anyone that gyms can be a hotbed for some pretty scary germs, bacteria, and viruses! Sadly, as your staff works hard to clean and disinfect your surfaces, equipment, and facility they may unintentionally be exposing themselves and your clients […]

2022 Mother’s Day Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is here! One thing is true about all mothers: they’re all totally unique. Whether your mom’s a patchouli-gardening-yogi who can make a mean smoothie, an unstoppable small business-owning dog fosterer, a mother figure you got to choose yourself, or someone else’s mom that you just want to shower with love, we’ve got a […]

Asthma, ADA & Your Business: What You Need To Know

The pandemic has driven an unprecedented prioritization of health and well-being in the workplace. The standards for keeping your clients, customers and employees safe and healthy have never been higher. With public health researchers concerned about the dangerous health impact from the chemicals being used to fight Covid-19, people have begun to realize that all […]

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