10 Things You Probably Want To Know About Force of Nature

Force of Nature is a pretty different type of product – as in “Whoa! You can turn salt, water & vinegar into WHAAAAT???” And knowing that you probably aren’t exactly sitting around with a lot of extra time to do research, we’ve compiled our customer FAQs to make it super easy for you to find answers to your burning questions. So here we go:

1. Can I use Force of Nature on stone surfaces, even though it has vinegar?

Yes it’s safe to use Force of Nature on sealed stone. The reason is that Force of Nature changes the chemical composition of the salt, water & vinegar into a cleaner that is safe to use on sealed stone surfaces.

2. How is Force of Nature different than just making my own cleaner with vinegar?

Vinegar is great but has a few limitations. You shouldn’t use vinegar on stone surfaces like granite, marble & quartz, and vinegar requires rinsing because it can corrode surfaces like seals, gaskets & unsealed grout. Force of Nature overcomes these limitations. It’s just as effective as conventional cleaners & bleach, yet safe on the surfaces vinegar isn’t. Here is some more info about how Force of Nature differs from cleaning with vinegar.

3. What does Force of Nature smell like?

Force of Nature has no added fragrances and has a light swimming pool-like scent that dissipates quickly. Hypochlorous acid (the hero ingredient) is a member of the chlorine family, but it’s very different than bleach (sodium hypochlorite) because it’s non-toxic. You might be surprised to know that your white blood cells produce hypochlorous acid to keep you healthy, and that it’s commonly used in wound care products. Here is some more info on how hypochlorous acid differs from bleach.

4. How much does it end up costing vs a regular all-purpose cleaner?

Each 12 ounce bottle of Force of Nature costs $1, which is just 9 cents per ounce. Depending on what you use now, it can save you up to 80% per ounce vs typical brands like Windex, Clorox Clean-Up, Scrubbing Bubbles, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s or Method. Because you can use it to replace other cleaners like bleach, deodorizers and separate cleaners for glass, counters, tile, stainless steel, rugs & baby toys, families are finding it can pay back within the first year.

5. Can I add my own essential oils or fragrance oils?

Sorry Oil Lovers (we get it, they can make cleaning a lot more pleasant!), you shouldn’t add any to Force of Nature because they interfere with the chemistry and make it less effective.

6. Since I’m used to buying bottles, not capsules, how do I know how much I’d use?

Each capsule makes one 12 ounce bottle, and on average customers use about 1 bottle a week. That’s a blend of people with bigger homes & smaller homes, messier & neater families, and people who use it for multiple uses vs just 1 or 2. If you use it for all its purposes (to replace bleach, deodorizers, cleaners for counters, glass, stainless steel, bathrooms & rugs), you’d likely be close to the average. If you also use it for floors, depending on how often you mop & how much space you have, you may use more. It’s great for floors because you don’t have to rinse them afterwards, which can be a real time saver.

7. Can I use it if I have hard water or well water?

Yes but with hard water or well water, you’d need to use softened or de-ionized water. The reason is that the mineral ions in hard water essentially “steal” units of electrical energy from the sodium and chloride ions, thus interfering with the chemistry. This means that the solution will have decreased efficacy.

8. Can I use it on rugs, fabric & leather?

Yes. To be super safe we recommend 1st testing in an inconspicuous spot to confirm the material is colorfast. The reason is that there is huge variation in the type of dyes, fibers, and processes used to make something colorfast. And don’t use Force of Nature on fabrics labeled “Use only non-chlorine bleach”, since hypochlorous acid is a type of chlorine.

9. Will it whiten like bleach?

No, Force of Nature doesn’t have any whiteners like bleach or titanium so won’t remove rust or hard water stains on non-porous surfaces. Sorry about that!

10. Can I use it in my washing machine &/or dishwasher?

You can use it as a pretreatment for laundry to remove odors (like with athletic, yoga or gym clothes that really hang on to odors or bedding that’s been soiled by an accident). Just spray on Force of Nature, wait for 2 minutes, then toss it in the wash. You can also use it on regular stains on clothes (like with any stain remover, it works best if you get to it right away). On any fabrics, we recommend 1st testing in an inconspicuous spot to confirm the material is colorfast. It’s great for washing items that shouldn’t go into the dishwasher like water bottles, sippy cups, thermoses and children’s bowls, plates & utensils. The water in dishwashers & washing machines dilutes away the potency of Force of Nature, so it won’t work as a replacement for laundry or dishwasher detergent.

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Wondering what other info customers ask us for most?  Definitely customer reviews which you can see here. Safety info (MSDS), and the little video that explains how the chemistry works. Thanks for wanting to learn about Force of Nature – we hope we’ve helped!

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