Electrolyzed Water:
Electrolyzed Water vs. Bleach

electrolyzed water is more effective than bleach

So what is electrolyzed water?

It’s a technology that’s been used for years in the industrial space to create a potent cleaner and deodorizer that’s free of the hazards of bleach.  For example, hospitals in the United States and Japan use electrolyzed water for its efficacy & safety.  The technology uses an electrical current to change the molecular structure of salt, water and vinegar into:

    • Sodium hydroxide – a detergent but without the bubbles. Force of Nature contains a safe concentration of just 0.0000003%.
    • Hypochlorous acid – a type of chlorine that’s as effective as bleach, yet safe to use around children & pets. It’s actually the same substance your white blood cells produce to keep you healthy. That’s right – your body produces a type of chlorine to keep you healthy.

How is electrolyzed water different than bleach?

Many people know that bleach is chlorine and think that all chlorines are dangerous.  There are actually  different types of chlorine, and bleach is just one of them. Bleach is a chlorine called sodium hypochlorite, and a little known fact is that hypochlorous acid is a type that’s non-toxic.  It’s so safe that it’s frequently used in eye, wound & veterinary care products.  You can learn more about this amazing substance and its various uses here.  Some people ask if you can create hypochlorous acid by diluting bleach. You can’t. They have different chemical formulas; the formula for sodium hypochlorite is NaClO & the formula for hypochlorous acid is HOCl.

If electrolyzed water is so great why does anyone use bleach?

Even though electrolyzed water has been around for years, you probably haven’t heard of it because it required  industrial-size equipment costing $10,000+ to make. Another reason is that hypochlorous acid dissipates over time, like carbonation in a soda. That means the shelf life isn’t long enough for electrolyzed water to travel through a typical retail distribution system like conventional cleaners.  That’s why Force of Nature is an appliance – you make electrolyzed water right on your countertop.

How Electrolyzed Water Is Made

Making it is pretty simple chemistry (if you’re a white blood cell or Force of Nature of course!). Watch the video below for a quick description of how it works.


You can learn more about Force of Nature here.

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