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Natural Cleaning Solutions:
8 of the Most Ingenious Force of Nature Cleaning Tips Ever From Moms

Mamas, we know you come up with ingenious hacks every single day and we love you for it! And you do it with such grace and ease – just watch any of your fellow Mamas trying to get their Dr. No’s (Toddlers, you know who you are) out the door while making lunch, finding lost Legos, and deftly hitting the mute button on & off while on a conference call for work. Naturally we at Force of Nature get lots of ingenious cleaning tips from Moms, so here is our roundup of favorites!

1. Backpacks & lunch boxes

You know that backpack rolls around the floor of the bus, right? Not to mention the fossilized banana that festers in there. Spray that monster with Force of Nature to keep it clean – or do as the Mom who gave us this tip does – have the messy owner do it!

2. Toothbrushes

Nothing good can come from these sitting in water or on a counter just a heartbeat away from the potty. Spray them when you clean your counters just to be safe.  Shake off any residue so you don’t change the taste of the Batman toothpaste.

3. Makeup brushes

We’ve all been told to gently shampoo these, but honestly who has the time for that?  We love a Mom’s suggestion to instead just spray them regularly with Force of Nature.  You can do this because it’s safe on skin – Force of Nature is rated as extremely safe by Skin Safe, an organization developed by the Mayo Clinic to evaluate product safety from an allergy perspective.

4. Diaper bags

Realizing at the end of the day that the bottle with milk in it leaked all over your diaper bag is a huge bummer. If you’re like many moms, you prioritized pocket organization & durability over machine-washability. We had several Moms tell us they just spray their bags with Force of Nature until soaked, then let dry naturally. That removes the odor & prevents anything else from festering in there.

5. Cloth diapers

First, hats off to you cloth-diapering Mamas out there! One of our favorite tips from a customer is to soak cloth diapers in Force of Nature either before putting them in the washer or instead of putting them in the washer. You want to use Force of Nature at its full power on a dirty diaper, because the washer or any extra water dilutes away the efficacy.  Just completely soak the diaper for 2 minutes to make sure it has a chance to remove the source of the odor and anything else gruesome in there.  It won’t leave any harmful fumes or residues behind.

6. Yoga Pants, Tops, Bras

You might be wondering why these really seem to hang onto your post-yoga sweaty smell; there is a good reason!  Spandex and Lycra, which make your yoga clothing comfy because they stretch and repel sweat, repel water too, which means that the fibers don’t ever get thoroughly rinsed in the wash. Also, detergent can build up in your clothing which creates an ideal environment for fungus and mildew, which of course smell. And don’t reach for the fabric softener – it can actually lock in the odor by leaving a coating on the fibers that prevents them from getting completely clean.  Our yogi Moms suggested saturating the stinky item and letting it sit for 2 minutes before tossing it into the wash. We recommend doing a quick spot test the first time to confirm the colorfastness of your clothing, and don’t use on clothing labeled “use non-chlorine bleach”.

7. Yoga Mats

These can be gross but they don’t have to be! Just spray your mat down after each session, and Force of Nature removes the odor and anything gnarly that tries to take up residence!

8. Dirty/Stinky Pets & Their Habitats

Why does the cat or dog seem to find the most inopportune time to get into something stinky? One Mom had a major skunking incident and nothing would get out the smell.  Then she sprayed her fur-child with Force of Nature and viola! No more smell! Another mom uses Force of Nature to clean out her rabbit cages. It’s pet-safe because it has no toxic chemicals, fumes or residues.  Hypochlorous acid (the hero ingredient in Force of Nature) is actually used in a number of veterinary care products because it’s so safe.

There you have it! Thank you Mamas for your awesome and crafty ideas –  keep them coming!



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