Tiny Appliance, Big-Time Clean: 24 Different Ways to Use Force of Nature

Force of Nature is a multi-tasking powerhouse, if we do say so ourselves! Beyond your regular multi-purpose cleaning & deodorizing, here are some more uses to try:

  1. Baby gear like strollers, highchairs & carseats: Let’s be real, these items can spend more time being sticky, stinky & germy than clean.
  2. Kids serve ware & utensils: Ditto on the above. You definitely don’t want to be washing a lot of this stuff in the dishwasher (learn why here). Instead wipe & rinse off any remaining food, then spray with Force of Nature, let sit 10 minutes and let dry naturally.
  3. Sports gear: If you have a hockey, football, or lacrosse player in your life, you know what it’s like to want to burn something because it smells so bad. Put away the matches and get your Force of Nature for those rancid gloves, pads, cleats, skates and sneakers. For the first treatment, spray the equipment until it’s completely soaked, then let dry (don’t rinse). That will kill the odor-causing bacteria at its source. For on-going odor control, just spray after each use to prevent new odors from starting.
  4. Rugs & furniture: Force of Nature is just as effective as Resolve with no toxic chemicals, which means you have a gentle but powerful tool in your arsenal! First test the fabric or rug in an inconspicuous spot to ensure the fibers are colorfast & let the test area dry before proceeding. For spills, blot the spill, spray Force of Nature, then wipe (repeat if necessary).  For pet accidents (thanks for leaving us that present, Fido), remove as much of the mess as possible, then spray on Force of Nature and use a scrub brush or paper towels to wipe until the color of the mess is gone (you might have to repeat this a few times depending on how bad the accident was). Then saturate the area one more time and let it dry (don’t rinse!). If it soaked through to the back of the rug, you want to soak that too.
  5. Makeup brushes: No more excuses! It’s time to clean your makeup brushes regularly because you know in your heart that using them day after day after day has to be a recipe for all sorts of funk & bacteria, right? Just rinse off any makeup gunked on your brushes with water, then spray them thoroughly with Force of Nature every few days. No need to rinse, just let dry naturally. Force of Nature is rated as 100% Top Allergen Free by Skin Safe, an organization developed by the Mayo Clinic to evaluate product safety from an allergy perspective.
  6. Backpacks & lunch boxes: Backpacks are on the floor more often than they are on backs! Think about that. Now are you ready to spray that monster down on a regular basis? We thought so. Lunchboxes can be a hassle to clean with all the crevices, and the fabric ones seem to take forever to dry if you try to immerse them in water. Instead, spray them down daily with Force of Nature. It has no toxic chemicals, so we say why not make the lunchbox owner do the cleaning job?!
  7. Thermoses, straw cups & sippy cups:  Why oh why do these have so many little pieces and nooks & crannies where liquids can fester? Plus you know if you read this post about safer kid’s serve ware that you shouldn’t put these into the dishwasher. Instead, spray thoroughly, shake, then let dry naturally.
  8. Yoga Mats: Just spray your mat down after each session. Force of Nature removes the odor and anything gnarly that tries to take up residence in that mat.
  9. Reusable bags: If you’ve made the switch to reusable shopping bags, well done! They can get super grubby, germy and stinky, so give them a spray regularly with Force of Nature.
  10. Fresh cut flowers: This one is a customer favorite. Add a few ounces of Force of Nature to the vase of water to keep those blooms beautiful longer.
  11. Patio furniture: Outdoor furniture is a magnet for mold, mildew & musty smells. Spray it down with Force of Nature every few days to keep your furniture clean & fresh-smelling. If you already have mold or mildew growing, soak the area and let it dry naturally without rinsing. And always first test the fabric in an inconspicuous spot & let dry before proceeding to be 100% sure the dyes used were truly colorfast.
  12. Camping gear: Between inclement weather, muddy four-legged companions & un-showered humans, it’s not surprising your tents & sleeping bags can end up smelling well, AWFUL! And those sleeping bags are pretty impossible to wash in a normal size washing machine. So spare your rolls of quarters and instead spray them down with Force of Nature after each use. Same goes for those nasty smelling boots, backpacks & camping “mattresses”.
  13. Diaper bags: Realizing at the end of the day that the bottle with milk in it leaked all over your diaper bag is a huge bummer. Spray your bag with Force of Nature until it’s soaked, then let it dry naturally. That removes the odor & prevents anything else from festering in there.
  14. Front load washers:  If you have a front load washer, you know that moldy, mildewy smell that keeps coming back! That’s from the stagnant water trapped in those rubber gaskets. Spray those gaskets after each cycle to keep the mold & mildew at bay.
  15. Cloth diapers: First, hats off to you cloth-diapering parents out there! Remove as much of the “soil” as possible, then soak cloth diapers in Force of Nature either before putting them in the washer or instead of putting them in the washer. You want to use Force of Nature at its full power on a dirty diaper, because the washer or any extra water dilutes away the efficacy.  Just completely soak the diaper for 10 minutes to make sure it has a chance to remove the source of the odor and anything else gruesome in there.  It won’t leave any harmful fumes or residues behind.
  16. Toothbrushes: Nothing good can come from these sitting in water or on a counter just a heartbeat away from the potty. Spray them when you clean your counters then shake off any residue.
  17. Children’s toys:  Whether it’s Legos, trains or blocks, keep them clean by spraying down toys regularly.
  18. Sponges:  These might be some of the nastiest items in your house because they stay damp and are used to wipe so many gross surfaces. Spray your sponge or scrubber daily with Force of Nature.
  19. Bath toys: These are full of nooks & crannies that host icky old water & soap scum. Just spray bath toys regularly to keep them squeaky clean– no need to rinse.
  20. Dirty/Stinky Pets & Their Habitats:  It’s great to use around pets because it has no toxic chemicals, fumes or residues.  Hypochlorous acid (the hero ingredient in Force of Nature) is actually used in a number of veterinary care products because it’s so gentle. Spray on bedding, litter boxes, toys or towels.
  21. Cars:  Kids & dogs can make your car a sticky, stinky, crumby mess. Force of Nature is great for deodorizing and cleaning all the surfaces in your car.
  22. The fridge: Clean stuck-on messes & odors that linger. Extra bonus: if your hands still smell like garlic after mincing, spray down your hands too!
  23. Humidifiers:  Talk about an impossible to clean item that really needs to be clean!  After each use, empty the humidifier, spray in Force of Nature, shake it around, let sit, then empty.
  24. High-touch surface cleaning: Shopping carts, door handles, restaurant highchairs: We’re looking at you! Any high-touch surface is quietly crying out “Clean me, clean me…I beg youuuuuuuuu”. Put it out of its misery and spray it down before you or your Little touches it.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers! Learn more about the technology Force of Nature uses called electrolyzed water or how Force of Nature kills viruses. Happy Cleaning!

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