5 Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Gift Ideas

The best eco-friendly, non-toxic goodies for a happy, healthy Valentine's Day

5 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Goodies You’ll (Actually) Love

From plastic packaging to chemical colors and flavors, Valentine’s Day definitely leaves room for improvement. This year, skip the old disposable Valentine’s standbys in favor of eco-friendly, non-toxic goodies that you’ll want to commit to for the long haul!  Here are some of our Valentine’s favorites that are sure to make your special somebodies smile.

5 Favorites For A Happy & Healthy Valentine’s Day

  • Straight up delicious chocolate

Yes, it’s delicious. Yes, it’s adorable. And yes, it’s got a not-so-sweet side. Luckily there are some pretty awesome and readily available eco-friendly and sustainable brands of chocolate, so this Valentine’s Day, check out these 12 Fairtrade Chocolate Brands before you go for that shiny red heart-shaped box that might not be so loving to our planet. 

And, here’s how to love chocolate AND the environment, because no one should have to choose.

  • Fancy Jams!

Who wouldn’t love a pair of cozy jams for Valentine’s Day? Be even sweeter by choosing organic cotton (or, for a special treat, silk!) pajamas to avoid pesticide exposure and to support earth-friendly textile practices. 

For little ones

For big kids

For her

For him

And…a sleep mask we are obsessed with, too! 

  • Something to share

Forget the tear apart cards with stale candy, how sweet are these crocheted hearts?

Or turn the project into a fun craft with your kids and create these adorable bird feeder valentines.

  • A hard-to-kill houseplant

Sure, cut flowers are beautiful, but they’re wasteful and shipping tulips to Massachusetts in February isn’t super eco-friendly. That said, plants can seem like a responsibility, too. Here’s a round-up of plants even a black-thumb can handle, and some plants to boost your mood, too!

  • The gift that never fails

A babysitter and a dinner somewhere delicious (or one of these fun date ideas!) preferably not on Valentine’s Day! Because you know it’s what you really want. 

And you could always throw this precious silver heart necklace in for good measure.

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From cleaning chocolate-covered strawberries out of your upholstery to wiping away the last crumbs of that candy necklace, we’re here to help you keep your house sparkling clean without a chemical backlash. At Force of Nature, we created our EPA-registered disinfectant and cleaning system to help families stay toxin-free while cleaning up all the messes that life brings on Valentine’s Day  – and the other 364 days of the year.

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