Chemical Free Living: 4 Moms Who Are Shaking Up The Nontoxic World

From setting up your 529 to making the perfect, no-crusts PB&J, there are an countless reasons, big and small, to celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day. At Force of Nature, we see first-hand how powerful the drive is for parents to protect their children from harm, and how it trickles down into the decisions they make for what to bring into their home. We’re proud to offer a toxic chemical free cleaning solution that moms (and dads!) can feel good about around their human and fur kids.

For some moms, that drive is so powerful it leads them to some pretty revolutionary ideas. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’d like to celebrate four of the amazing women that have been inspired by their motherhood experiences to create toxic chemical free products that make this world safer for the people who made them moms in the first place.

Scrub Bugs

kelly stuart scrub bugs founderKelly Stuart, working mom of two girls and an alumnae of Procter & Gamble, came up with Scrub Bugs with one goal in mind: empower kids to lead happy, healthy, hands-on lives by improving handwashing effectiveness around the world. After battling every germ on the playground, Kelly knew something had to change. The CDC sites hands as the #1 carrier of sickness-causing germs, but kids hate washing their hands. Hand sanitizers are chock full of toxic chemicals that are endocrine-disruptors, allergens & worse. Watching her daughter brush her teeth with an electric toothbrush, Kelly hand an aha-moment: kids love tools! Inspired by surgeons (the best hand washers in the world) and their scrub brushes, Kelly developed these revolutionary little Scrub Bugs to make hand washing both more effective and more fun. Finally something that gets kids to WANT to wash their hands!


Founded by mother-of-three Gregg Renfrew, Beautycounter seeks to get safer personal care products in the hands of everyone. From kid’s shampoo and diaper cream to masks and makeup, this toxic chemical free line combines gorgeous aesthetics with a powerful ingredient list sourced through a rigorous selection process. The brand holds itself to a 1,500 ingredient “Never List,” made up of ingredients that are commonly found in personal care products in the US, but which Beautycounter deems unacceptable for safe use. 

Grovia: Modern Cloth Diapers

As if having seven children isn’t enough to keep this self described “espresso-guzzling, kiddo and animal-loving Montana Native,” busy, Kim Ormsby grew her laundry-room diaper startup “Montana’s Diaper Store,” to The Natural Baby Company, providing parents around the world with products that are highest quality, healthy and environmentally friendly. Her Grovia Modern Cloth Diaper System offers Hybrid, All-in-One, O.N.E, newborn, swim and cloth trainer styles in countless options for color and design that make cloth diapering approachable and fun. Often handling customer service and donation efforts herself, Kim is a hands-on mom and passionate entrepreneur who provides a wealth of information and resources to help parents along their cloth diapering journey.


After having her second child, Yale-graduate Jane Park left a high-powered position at Starbucks to revolutionize the nail polish product and service industry with non-toxic polishes and improved conditions for salon workers. From removing harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate from polish formulas to protecting salon employees by not offering fume-creating artificial nail services and giving full-time employees medical benefits, Park is a true visionary in the beauty industry. Julep has expanded to include a full range of cosmetic products as well as a beloved Idea Lab where customers get to be a part of the creative process, give feedback and be a part of the creation of “on-trend, effortless, good-for-you beauty.

To Kelly, Gregg, Jane, Kim, and all the other mothers working hard to make this world safer for children everywhere, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for everything you do.

Force of Nature is a toxic chemical free cleaning product with no allergens or irritants. Harnessing the power of simple science and safe ingredients, it uses electricity to turn salt, vinegar and water into a mighty multi-tasking cleaner as powerful as bleach.  It’s gentle enough to use to clean a pacifier or highchair try without rinsing. The simple system reduces packaging waste and chemical exposure in your home and, at just 7 cents an ounce, can save you $70 in the first year alone. Check out the Starter Kit and see what our customers are saying.

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