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The Family-Friendly

way to clean and disinfect

Force of Nature is an appliance that turns tap water, plus a capsule of salt, water, and vinegar into a cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant as effective as bleach.

force of nature appliance

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The Natural Cleaner

as effective as bleach

Say hello to the multi-purpose cleaner that kills 99.9% of germs with no toxic chemicals.
It powers through grease, grime, sticky messes, soap scum, odors, and germs as effectively as bleach with no toxic fumes or residues. It cleans virtually any surface – sealed stone, glass, stainless steel, wood, laminate, porcelain, composite, grout, tile, plastic & rubber.

See It In Action

the science behind 

Electrolyzed Water


Force of Nature miniaturizes the electrolyzed water technology from the industrial space. Salt, water and vinegar are converted to electrolyzed water when an electrical current changes the chemical composition of the solution into two new ingredients:


Hypochlorous Acid
The same germ-killing substance your immune system makes



Sodium Hydroxide
A detergent common in toothpaste, skin care and cleaners. It contains only .0000003%, yet cleans as well as the top cleaning brands.

kid and pet


We’re parents too, and keeping all the little hands, noses and paws in our homes away from toxic cleaners was always a huge challenge. When we found the electrolyzed water technology being used in industrial applications like green cleaning and
woundcare, we knew we had our answer.
It’s the only cleaner with no added fragrances, dyes, preservatives or surfactants.

Read our Safety Data Sheet.

No allergens 

or irritants

No toxic chemicals harmful to our precious family members or the Earth. And of course we’re cruelty-free!

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Now get 40% off Starter Kits and FREE shipping.

The only multitasker better than you

Even though it’s free of harmful chemicals, it’s as effective as these products:




Bleach on germs
Formula 409 on grease
Windex on glass




Scrubbing Bubbles
on soap scum
Resolve on rugs
Febreze on odors

See independent test results here

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100% kid-simple to make. Fill up the Electrolyzer with tap water, squeeze in an Activator Capsule of salt, water & vinegar, push the button, and off you go!

Gentle on our Earth

We designed Force of Nature to be the most earth-friendly cleaner & EPA registered disinfectant there is.

No toxic chemicals going into our water systems.

No single-use plastic bottles. Green Seal certified for environmental excellence.

Shipping boxes and Activator Capsules are 100% recyclable.

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Now get 40% off Starter Kits and FREE shipping.