How To Survive The Summer When Everything Got Cancelled

Okay, your big summer trip and the summer camp and childcare calculus problem you’d painstakingly figured out back in November? Canceled. So, what do you do now? We’ve got you with fun activity ideas, chores you can pass down to your kids, and some helpful tips – it’s our guide to the Summer of COVID.

5 Tips To Simplify Your Summer

Tip 1: Solve Snacks

This. is. Genius. Set aside a box in the fridge or on a counter for each child with their snacks for the day inside. They can eat them all at once, or over the course of the day – but when they’re gone, they’re gone. And, best of all, they do not have to converse with you about snacks!

Tip 2: Create a Summer Journal

Get a big book and have kids complete a page a day chronicling this rare and strange time in human history. Getting kids to read, write, and create every day helps offset the summer slide, but it doesn’t have to be arduous.

Tip 3: Assign Meal Tasks

Kids of all ages can help with meals. From unpacking groceries, washing fruits and veggies (with Force of Nature, of course!), and setting the table to even more advanced tasks like cutting veggies or preparing simple meals. As Maria Montessori said, “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed,” so let them build up some independence and confidence – even if it means enjoying a not-quite-gourmet meal.

Tip 4: Put Them To Work

ICYMI, here’s our comprehensive list of chores kids can help you with at every age. Remember: chores make kids feel like a valued part of the family and teach them life skills. So, don’t feel bad!

Tip 5: Institute Quiet Time

No one naps anymore? No problem. There’s no reason why everyone can’t entertain themselves quietly for 1 solitary hour of the day. If you’re feeling nice, here are 15 Quiet Time Activities That Can Be Made in 5 Minutes, but they can also work on some magnets or blocks that you already have in your stash. Depending on how you feel about screen time, unleashing the power of some educational kids games or shows can buy you some kid-free time to get some work done or – imagine this – relax yourself!

10 Family Activities That Feel Like Summer

Remember when you were a kid? Did your parents have a color-coded camp schedule and summer curriculum for you? They probably opened the screen door and told you to scram til lunch. And, guess what? YOU LOVED SUMMER. So your kids will too. Here are some fun ideas of things to do with your kids this summer.

1. Go to a drive-in movie

The original socially distanced movie experience! Fun and retro and just the best. Bring your own snacks and enjoy!

2. Have a car wash

As long as you stick to the exterior, it’s a totally awesome socially-distanced activity! Kids can make a few bucks to fund other summer activities – or donate to a charity.

3. Play in the sprinkler

Seriously – it’s every bit as fun as you remember.

4. Go for picnics

Here’s a secret: picnics are just eating outside. You don’t have to have an adorable wicker basket and crustless sandwiches.

5. Get competitive

Remember the license plate game on a road trip? Start something for your family – maybe finding the most unique bird or plant species, walking the most steps, or reading the most books. The winner gets to pick a fun activity for the family to do together, or go big with a cash prize!

6. Visit a U-pick farm

This is a great socially distanced activity – with delicious results! For bonus points, bake something together as a family using your haul.

7. Make sun tea

Put that blazing fireball to work and sit back and enjoy a tall glass over ice. Here’s a recipe.

8. Nap in a hammock

It doesn’t matter how you make this happen, just make it happen. Trust us.

9. Camp in a national or state park

Many parks are reopening and camping is a great way to get out of your house without exposing yourself to a lot of other people. You can keep your distance and enjoy some time in the great outdoors.

10. Go kayaking or canoeing

Another awesome family activity that doesn’t require you to be jammed in close to others – get out on the water and enjoy paddling in nature.

You Got This! 💪

We get it – we’re parents, too. We’ll be right here alongside you all summer, trying to re-create a summer camp curriculum and spilling juice. That’s why we created Force of Nature, our EPA-registered disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and is gentle enough to use around children, babies, and furry friends, too! So go ahead – let loose this summer. We’ll help you clean up the mess.

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