Part 2 of 3: Force of Nature vs. Your Kitchen!

Disinfecting kitchen oven, stove and microwave

In case you missed Force of Nature vs. Your Kitchen Part 1: Sink & Fridge, the TLDR is: our kitchens are super gross and germ-filled. Force of Nature can help you keep those germs in check by taking down 99.9% of germs and viruses to help you keep your family healthy. Now that your sink and fridge are sparkling like new, let’s get your stove, oven, and microwave sorted!

Part 2: Stove, Oven & Microwave – De-grossed!

Here’s how to clean and disinfect these kitchen workhorses.

Disinfecting Your Microwave With Force of Nature

Ah, the microwave – the unsung hero of the kitchen! From reheating leftovers to movie-night popcorn to after-bedtime-mug-cakes, there’s nothing in your kitchen that works harder. So it’s totally understandable that it’s a germy disaster, and, contrary to popular belief, microwaves do not kill all bacteria! Luckily, taking bacteria down is kind of our thing.

Here’s How To Use Force of Nature To Keep Your Microwave Clean and Fresh:

  • Take out any rotating trays and any other accessories.
  • Spray them liberally with Force of Nature and use a cloth or brush to get any stubborn stains or dried food particles.
  • Wipe down the interior of the microwave with Force of Nature and a damp cloth.
  • If you’re dealing with stuck-on food inside the microwave, try nuking a bowl of ½ water and ½ white vinegar for 2 minutes on high. Then dip a sponge or cloth in the solution to wipe free. Follow up with Force of Nature and wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Don’t forget, while we love vinegar (it’s our magic ingredient!) Force of Nature gives you the power of an EPA-registered disinfectant that will kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Vinegar alone is not powerful enough to use for disinfecting.
  • For a stinky microwave, Force of Nature will naturally remove the odor. If you’re not lucky enough to have a Force of Nature, you can microwave 2 tbsp of baking soda diluted in water for 3 minutes to help neutralize strong odors.
  • Spray and wipe down the exterior of the microwave with a Force of Nature frequently, making sure you get the often-touched handle and buttons.
  • You’re done!

Disinfecting Your Stove and Oven With Force of Nature

Even though we don’t typically think of the surfaces of our oven and stove as coming into direct contact with raw food, humans are incredibly adept at cross-contamination! One study found 67% of people didn’t wash the chopping board after using it to prepare raw chicken. We’re here to help you keep your oven handle, knobs and pretty much every other surface of your range and microwave clean and 99.9% germ-free.

Keeping Your Stove Clean and 99.9% Germ-free With Force of Nature:

The stove gets a lot of action in most of our houses. With the level of heat going on, there are also burned and caked-on residues to deal with. Here’s how we recommend using Force of Nature to clean and disinfect your stove.

  • First, fill your sink with soapy water, then take your grates and knobs off and soak them while you keep working.
  • Wipe down the stovetop to remove any crumbs and then spray with Force of Nature. If there’s any stuck-on food, let it soak for a couple of minutes to loosen it up before wiping with a clean cloth. You can use baking soda for some added grit to help with stubborn spots, but check your manual to be sure you can use it on your surface.
  • Rinse and dry your grates and knobs and reassemble – make sure you get the knobs dry before you put them back on, as wet knobs can short the control panel in some cases.
  • For routine cleaning, you can spray a cloth or paper towel with Force of Nature and wipe the knobs instead of spraying directly onto them. If you need to disinfect them instead, spray them thoroughly and let them sit for 10 minutes while they air dry.
  • You did it!

A Note On Cleaning Your Oven With Force of Nature

Many ovens with a self-clean feature need to be cleaned very carefully, as conventional oven cleaning products can damage the enamel inside (and contain a bunch of toxic chemicals, too). Make sure you follow your manufacturer’s guidelines to clean your oven. Here are some ways you can use Force of Nature to clean your oven periodically – and on the daily, too!

  • Force of Nature can help keep your oven clean and fresh when you use it to disinfect the door handle, knobs, and buttons and to wipe out the interior.
  • For the oven window, create a mixture of Force of Nature and a little baking soda to make a paste and allow to soak for about 10 minutes and then wipe clean with a nonabrasive pad.
  • Soak oven racks in your bathtub (lay down a towel first to avoid scratches) and fill it with hot water and a few drops of non-toxic dishwashing detergent. Let them soak for an hour or two and use a bristle brush to loosen any stuck-on spots. Rinse, let dry, and stash them back in your oven – and you’re done!

Disinfect Your Kitchen The Easy Way!

Forget spending hours deep cleaning your kitchen. With some simple steps like the ones described above, you can see how easy it is to disinfect your hardworking kitchen appliances with Force of Nature. Best of all, Force of Nature kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria without the toxic chemical punch you get with conventional cleaners and disinfectants. Next up, Part 3 of our kitchen series, and find Part 1 here to get caught up!

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