How To Clean, Disinfect & Fight Outdoor Stains

How To Clean, Disinfect & Fight Outdoor Stains

After the long winter, we know we’re not alone in our desire to get outdoors! Nothing can suck the joy out of our oasis-like backyard or patio dreams like dirty, moldy, and stained outdoor furniture, rugs, and accessories. Luckily, we have a secret weapon on our side: Force of Nature! Here’s how to use our super-effective 3-in-1 cleaner, deodorizer, and disinfectant to get turn your outdoor living space into the oasis you deserve.

Cleaning, Disinfecting & Stain-Treating Your Outdoor Living Space, Without Toxic Chemicals!

Clean First…Then Disinfect.

There’s a difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, but the priority is to clean. That’s because when you clean an object or surface, you’re removing residue that can block the disinfectant. Cleaning (which is simply removing dirt and residue) is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, but a product that is a disinfectant is highly regulated, and has to go through rigorous testing to be registered as one. Products that have not been through the EPA’s testing to confirm they kill a minimum of 99.9% of germs on a specified set of microbes can not legally claim to disinfect, sanitize, kill germs or bacteria.

Get The Dirty Work Out Of The Way.

For really dirty, muddy, or pollen-covered surfaces, get your hose and a sponge full of some nontoxic soap and wipe them down to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. Force of Nature makes a great cleaner, as it won’t cause corrosion or damage to your outdoor furniture and accessories. To use Force of Nature to clean these surfaces, give them a good spray down and scrub with a soft cloth or brush to release any caked-on and stubborn dirt. It’s also great for cleaning mold and mildew, as well as removing the musty smell. On fabric, make sure to start with a test in an inconspicuous spot to confirm the fabric is truly colorfast. Once you’ve cleaned the fabric, to remove that musty smell, spray again and let air dry naturally.

Treat Stubborn Stains

If you have moldy, dirty, or dusty outdoor cushions, rugs, or umbrellas, Force of Nature is a great stain treatment and deodorizer. Spray the item down (after spot-testing for color-fastness, of course!) and use a soft cloth or brush to rub Force of Nature into the stain. Let it dry, then wash the item according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat if necessary.

Ditch Toxic Chemicals

All those fancy products on the shelf may make your Adirondack chairs and grill sparkle in the sunlight, but, unfortunately, they also may contain some serious toxic chemicals that have adverse health effects; one recent study quantified the health impact of prolonged exposure to these cleaning chemicals on our lungs to be the same as smoking a pack a day! If you must use a harsh chemical, make sure you read and follow the directions on the label to the letter, wear any recommended protective gear (like eye protection and gloves), and clean in an area far away from children and pets. Never, ever mix products unless specifically guided by the manufacturer, as they can create toxic gases which can cause injury and death.

You’ll be happy to know that Force of Nature uses a gentle, yet effective disinfecting active ingredient: hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is the same solution created by your body to fight infection and has been used in medical applications for decades, including wound care, veterinary medicine, dermatology, and ophthalmology.

Top Uses For Force of Nature For Your Outdoor Living Areas

Need some ideas? Here are some of the outdoor living areas that Force of Nature can help you get back into shape for a fun, sunny season!

Pet Stains

For pet stains on outdoor carpets or cushions, remove any remaining “material” on the surface of the cushion or rug, then fully saturate the stain and allow it to dry completely before laundering or washing.

Clean Outdoor Furniture

Force of Nature can be used to clean furniture made from virtually any material including metal, wicker, wood, or synthetic fibers – all without corrosion or damage!

Grills & Grill Tools

Force of Nature is safe to use on food preparation surfaces and utensils – it’s so gentle, you can use it as a fruit and vegetable rinse! Spray your grill grates, tools, and surfaces down between uses and before you grill to keep bacteria at bay.

Pool Gear and Accessories

From goggles and snorkels to rafts, floats, and inflatable pools – if it gets wet and gross, we can help you clean it! Spray down all these fun items with Force of Nature and let them dry in the sun.

See You Out There!

Now that you know our revolutionary and EPA-registered disinfectant will help you kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and germs without harmful or toxic chemicals, all that’s left is to get started! Get out there and get your outdoor living area ready, so you can maximize this short, sweet season! Start here to grab your Starter Kit and to learn more about Force of Nature.

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