Anti-Racism Resources & Books For Kids

anti-racism resources and books for kids

At Force of Nature, we’re parents too. We understand the deep responsibility you feel to raise children who will stand up to racism and be part of the solution because it’s our responsibility too. Here are some of the resources we’ve found to be helpful as we look to educate our children, and ourselves, on how we can make a positive impact. If your family has books, blogs, sites or other resources you’ve found to be helpful, please let us know so that we can update this post. We’re learning alongside you.

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Resources for Children and Families

CNN & Sesame Street Town Hall
CNN’s Van Jones and Erica Hill partner with “Sesame Street” for Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism, a town hall for kids and families. Watch the full video of Coming Together: Standing Up To Racism.

Today’s Parent offers 30 Books To Help You Talk To Your Kids About Racism.

EmbraceRace.Org’s blog post is an excellent resource for learning how to find diverse children’s books online and in print as well as some recommendations for blog posts to read. They recommend tools like Diverse Book Finder and Social Justice Books to help find diverse children’s books and book reviews.

They also offer a webinar to explain how children learn about race, How Kids Learn About Race.

The New York Times Book Recommendations
This article provides a list of recommended books to explain racism and protests to kids, organized by age.

Multicultural Children’s Book Day’s Diversity Book Lists For Kids provides book lists and activities for teachers and parents to teach respect and understanding of
diverse cultures.

Pretty Good Design’s infographic shows how children of each age perceive racial differences and why it’s important to talk to kids about race.

Maria Popova’s Brain Picking’s Site features the children’s book Ron’s Big Mission, a true story about astronaut Ronald McNair and his childhood experience of standing up for his right to borrow books from the library.

Supporting Black-Owned Bookstores

For online book orders, Afrotech has linked 10 Black-Owned Online Bookshops and, for audiobooks, lets you select where you want to buy audiobooks and they also provide a list of Black-owned bookstores.

Resources You Love

If you have resources that your family has found to be helpful, we’d love to include them in this post. Please send them to us so that we can update it.

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