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Force of Nature Reviews in the News

There are lots of things that are hard to believe. For example, that washable fingerpaint spilled on your rug is really washable, that your children will eventually CHOOSE to eat asparagus, and that potty training is just a short process that you’ll quickly forget.  Here is another one – that you can turn salt, water & vinegar into a cleaner and deodorizer that’s as powerful as bleach. This is called “electrolyzing water“, and it’s a technology that’s been used in the industrial space across multiple applications for years. But most families have never heard of it, so we’ve gathered together some Force of Nature reviews from experts who have put it to the test.  You might be thinking “experts, schmexperts, what do they know about MY cleaning needs”, and you might be right.  But we thought it might help to see what people who test & evaluate products day in and day out think of Force of Nature.  Here are some highlights:

Rachel Ray Show

Chosen as one of their Hottest Spring Cleaning Gadgets April 2019.

ABC WCVB Boston’s Cutting Edge

Who doesn’t love to see cuddly, yummy babies? Watch on, Friends!

“A Burlington startup lets you make your own nontoxic cleaners at home. Force of Nature cuts grease, cleans glass, and even deodorizes on par with household brands, but without the chemicals.”

Family Circle Best New Cleaning Products

Chosen as one of their “Expert-tested time-savers that really gets the job done”. 50 Best New Cleaning Products 2016.

Today Show 11 Best Cleaning Products to try this year

“Not only do we love that it’s eco-friendly, but its chic design and slim footprint makes it a small yet stylish addition to any countertop.” Today Show Home.

Scary Mommy

Named one of the “most trusted, family-friendly cleaning products and brands on the market.”

“It cuts through grease, makes glass shine, and deodorizes thoroughly – all thanks to a nifty chemical reaction.”

Readers Digest

“It’s ideal for floors, countertops, dog beds, chew toys, and more. It’s one of our favorite tech gadgets for pets and their owners, too.”

“I’ve started using the new Force of Nature cleaning system which I had a chance to try, and let’s just say, I’m a new covert… Voila, a cleaning solution that I can feel good about using on the surfaces my kids play at, eat on, and even (yes) lick…The Force of Nature cleaning solution: Natural cleaning supplies? You have serious competition.” Housewares

“The Force of Nature cleaning kit includes everything you need to start cleaning your home, the eco-friendly way…If you’ve been wanting a green, natural product with no fragrances or toxins, you’ll want to give this product a try… It seems the more I used this cleaner, the more I thought of cleaning with it.”

“Basically it’s our cleaning dream come true…Force of Nature is a force to be reckoned with – a cost-effective all-purpose cleaner with no toxic chemicals that you can use around your family. It gets our What Moms Love seal of approval, and next time Junior asks to take over on the sprayer, we’ll pass it right on over – no cringing necessary”. “Cleaner With Zero (Yes, Zero!) Dangerous Chemicals That Has The Power Of Bleach? A ‘Force of Nature’ Indeed”

“It works like a charm…use on virtually any surface, stainless steel, stone counters, laminate, procelain, grout, tile, glass, plastic and carpet…I still can’t get over how easy it is make this natural cleaner that is also going to save me money in the long run.”

“I can see electrolyzed water becoming the everyday cleaning system for a lot of eco-conscious households.” “Force of Nature Cleaner review: Like magic, Force of Nature turns salt, water, and vinegar into a powerful cleaner”.

“This might be my favorite household cleaning product all year.”

At this point you might be wondering why electrolyzed water hasn’t been brought to consumers before now.  That’s because the cleaner has a shelf life of about 2 weeks.  You have to make electrolyzed water “fresh” instead of sending it in bottles through a lengthy retail distribution system.  And before now, the industrial equipment to make electrolyzed water used to cost $10,000+. Force of Nature miniaturizes this simple technology into a tiny appliance that sits on your countertop. To learn more, hop on over here.

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