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Force of Nature Activator Capsules (25 Count)

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$19.99 or $18.99 for subscribers

With so many different ways to use Force of Nature, our 25 count Activator Capsules will keep you armed and ready for any mess.

It works anywhere you need to eliminate germs, odors, grease, grime, sticky messes or soap scum. Use it to replace multiple cleaning products with just one that can save you up to 80% on every ounce vs typical natural cleaners.

Each capsule makes 12 ounces & is recyclable.

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Q: Are your capsules recyclable?

A:  Absolutely! With our Capsules & re-usable bottles, you reduce your plastic waste from typical cleaning products by 97%.

Q: Does Force of Nature have a scent?

A:  Force of Nature has no added fragrances, so it’s perfect for families struggling with asthma and allergies. It has a light swimming pool scent that’s naturally created when salt, water & vinegar are electrolyzed. The scent is from the active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, which is the same active ingredient commonly used in wound, eye & veterinary care products.

Q: How does the cost of Force of Nature compare to other natural cleaners?

A:  The on-going cost of the multi-purpose cleaner you make is $.07 an ounce (or $.06 an ounce for subscribers), which is up to 80% less per ounce than typical natural cleaners like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers & Method and disinfectant sprays & wipes like Lysol.

Q: How much Force of Nature would I use?

A:  You’d use the same amount of Force of Nature as you use of the products you replace it with. For example if you use it to replace kitchen, bath, glass, floor cleaners, deodorizers and disinfectant sprays, you’d use the same amount of Force of Nature as you do now of those products combined.

Q: Why does the cleaner only last 2 weeks?

A: Just like bubbles in a carbonated drink, hypochlorous acid starts to dissipate over time. To be sure Force of Nature is at its optimal disinfecting power, you should use it within 2 weeks. The bottle is 12 oz, vs a typical cleaner which is around 26-32 oz. Most families use about a bottle a week when they use it for all their cleaning & deodorizing needs (replacing kitchen, bath, glass cleaners & deodorizers). Families who also use it on floors & rugs use even more. The light ring around the bottom of the Electrolyzer is color coded to let you know when it’s time to make a new batch.

Q: Can I use Force of Nature to clean stone? On what other surfaces?

A: You can use it to clean virtually any surface – sealed stone including granite, marble & quartz, wood, laminate, stainless steel, glass, grout, tile, porcelain, plastic, rubber & even on high chair trays & cutting boards. Deodorize trash, diaper pails, kitty litter, pet toys & bedding. Clean colorfast rugs (great for pet accidents!), stuffed animals, carseats & strollers. Always test first for color fastness in an inconspicuous spot, let dry before proceeding and don’t use on fabrics labeled “only non-chlorine bleach”. Because Force of Nature has no whiteners like bleach or titanium, it won’t remove set in rust, hard water, or mold stains on porous surfaces. With soap scum, depending on build up & surface porosity, you may need a mild abrasive like baking soda with your scrub brush the first few times. This is because soap scum builds up in layers & can require a few applications to break down.

Q: Does it work with hard water?

A:  If you have hard water (> 100ppm), please use a water softener, distilled or de-ionized water instead of tap water. This is because the minerals in hard water interfere with the chemistry, making the cleaner less effective, and can shorten the life of your Force of Nature.

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  • [email protected]

    I recently purchase this product to clean a 60gal fish tank that we moved. It had dried algae and we were going to start it back up. I LOVE how this product cleans without the harsh chemicals. I have also used it as a deodorizer for our mattress. We also have a septic system and I was looking for a natural cleaner. I am so, so pleased with this purchase!

  • PaulaLyn

    Love this product! I use Norwex cloths for most of my cleaning, at home and the homes I clean for a living. I’ve been looking for a toxic free all purpose solution type product to use in tandem with my microfiber cloths. This is it! I do have one request of the company though. I wish there were a discounted version and perhaps a larger machine and capsule for those of us cleaning for a living. I can use up one to one and half bottles per day in my work! Perhaps I overused my first go around due to my excitement for the product. Still I do wish their was a professional use version.

  • eclawracy

    This is a fantastic cleaning product. It’s the most versatile one I’ve ever found. If you can clean toilets and baby teething toys using the same product without rinsing, you’ve got a winner. I was skeptical of using up a whole bottle’s worth in two weeks as I have never ended up using up any cleaning products. But since I spray this on EVERYTHING in my house, using it up within the two week window isn’t hard at all. The only challenge I’ve come across is remembering that I CAN use it to clean everything. Sometimes I don’t realize that I can use FON to clean something. I would love carry some in my purse and baby bag, but I don’t think I’d be able to keep track of using it up within two weeks then. But man, can I think of a million uses for FON when I’m out running errands or eating out with my four kids and husband. Hands down, best cleaning product for a family with kids or pets. I’m a FON user for life.

  • Susannestoughton

    It. Works. So. Well. I was taken back. I guess my expectations are low… Thought it might be a gimmick… It’s legit! Love love love!

  • waterfowler47

    I have only had the product for a few days. But am overall satisfied.

    I like that there does not seem to be a residue on most surfaces. The smell is very similar to that of a swimming pool, slightly strong in my opinion. Which of course has me googling if it is really non-toxic as is smells toxic to me.

    I have read complaints that it looses its sanitizing properties at 14 days. I use an entire spray bottle full in 1-2 days in just my kitchen. When I clean my entire house I have to make 3 batches. So for me, that is not an issue. If you wipe just your kitchen counters down once a day, you will use it in less than 2 weeks/

    Overall, I am satisfied with the products cleaning abilities, but wish that the bottle was bigger so I didn’t have to make a batch every other day.
    I also wish it smelled a bit better.

    • Melissa

      Hi- We are happy you like it so far! What you smell is chlorine, because hypochlorous acid (active ingredient) is a type of chlorine, the same type your white blood cells produce to keep you healthy. It’s also commonly used in wound & eye care products because it’s so gentle. It’s very different from sodium hypochlorite (bleach) because it’s non-toxic. Here is some info about hypochlorous acid:

  • Nancy O’Neal

    I’ve only been through one bottle so far, but it’s great! I use Norwex microfiber for most cleaning, but have been intrigued by Force of Nature as a disinfectant for showers and toilets, especially. I love the scent, and the pink bacterial scum in the shower just disappeared with minimal FON coverage. Since I’ve already reduced the use of commercial cleaners dramatically, I’ve become very sensitive to fragrances and to odors from mold, mildew, and bacteria. FON leaves a very light, quickly dissipating scent. I’m hoping to give this as gifts to family and some friends.

  • Sophiab Bull

    Love it. The one thing that would make me love it more is to have a bottle that can be used upside down for the inside of toilet.

  • Christina Perlowski

    I absolutely love this product. I have always dreaded cleaning my bathroom because i hated using all the chemicals and breathing them in and getting it on my skin. I didn;t have high expectations when i bought this. I immediately sprayed it on my greasy stove top and was amazed at how well it did. After that i was hooked and cleaning everything. I love the faint bleach like smell. I love the fact my kiddo can help me clean with no worries.

  • Jennifer F.

    Nearly a decade ago, I bought a pressure washer with an attachment to spray hypochlorous acid for large outdoor cleaning jobs such as the concrete dog kennel I used it for. I would spray it into a bottle for use on indoor jobs, but the thing was bulky and the source of the chemical would be exhausted way before it could be used. For years I’ve searched for another way of having the safety of hypochlorous acid without the downsides of the delivery system. FINALLY, FORCE OF NATURE ARRIVED IN MY LIFE! And I’m not alone in my love for this system, my dad knows when the cleaner is about to expire and comes to me to make a new batch. We use it all over the house, love it for its safety around the grandkids and the pets, the ease of use, and the lack of strong odor (both my mom and I are sensitive to smells, suffering from migraine or inflammatory responses). The fact that it sanitizes and cleans so well is just a lifesaver for us. It may be the answer for your family, too.

  • Brenda Ucherek

    Have used and liked for months. Then my dog came in after getting sprayed by a skunk. After several baths I couldn’t get the smell off his face and around his eyes. I grabbed my force of nature and started spraying him. He actually held his face up to get more spray. It worked. It really took the scent off of him. This stuff is amazing.

  • Heather K.

    I love the cleaner! The spray bottle feels a little flimsy, but for the most part I like it. I finished my first bottle today and went to make another and the machine just says “ERR.” So I emailed support because they only have one thing to try in the book and it didn’t work. Haven’t heard back from them yet, but I’m sure I will. They seem like a good company. I did clean off my stove with the cleaner this morning, and even though I think it was past 2 weeks, it STILL did a great job. Amazing.

    As a new mother, I also love knowing that this product will not be harmful to my son. The fact that you can spray it directly on a pacifier or teething toy and it be ok a few seconds later, that’s amazing. I clean all of his toys with it and will definitely keep using it if I can get this ERR thing figured out! I also will love using it when I get pregnant again, that was always something I worried about the first time around. Breathing in any cleaning chemicals always scared me, but I couldn’t just stop cleaning. I am very happy to have this as an option.

  • Danielle

    I go through one bottle insanely fast. A few days at best. The lids don’t seem to fit on top of the bottles well & the spray action is a bit awkward to use. Otherwise I do like the product.

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