Force of Nature Activator Capsules (25 Count)

Force of Nature Activator Capsules 25 ct
Force of Nature Activator Capsules 25 ct
Force of Nature Activator Capsules
Force of Nature Activator Capsules (25 Count)
Force of Nature Activator Capsules (25 Count)
Force of Nature Activator Capsules EPA Registered

Force of Nature Activator Capsules (25 Count)

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$19.99 or $18.99 for subscribers

Our 25 count recyclable Activator Capsules keep you ready for any mess that comes your way – grease, grime, sticky messes, soap scum, odors and germs. You get a sparkling, sanitized clean with no harmful residues left behind. Our mighty little Capsules are EPA registered and on the EPA’s List N, the disinfectants approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19. Just as great? They make it super easy to eliminate single-use plastic bottles!

Each capsule makes one 12 ounce bottle of all-in-one cleaner, deodorizer & disinfectant, saving you up to 80% per ounce vs typical natural cleaners.

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Make a one-time purchase or lock in savings (and convenience!) when you subscribe. As a subscriber, you lock in 5% off every order and get Capsules automatically delivered to your door so you never run out. Choose the schedule you want – every 2, 3 or 6 months – and cross that to-do off your list! You can change, pause or cancel online at any time for any reason with no cancellation fees. Pay only when each order ships.

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Q: Does it kill viruses and bacteria?

A: Yes Force of Nature is an EPA registered disinfectant & sanitizer registered for use in hospitals, ICUs, schools, daycares, veterinary clinics and more. It kills 99.9% of germs including Norovirus, Influenza A, Salmonella, MRSA, Staph & Listeria when used as directed. EPA registration information here.

Q: Does this kill coronavirus? Does it kill the Delta variant?

A: Force of Nature is on EPA’s list N, the disinfectants approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Force of Nature has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses harder to kill than SARS-CoV-2 on hard, non-porous surfaces. Therefore, Force of Nature can be used against COVID-19 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Norovirus on hard non-porous surfaces. EPA expects all products on List N to kill all strains and variants of SARS-CoV-2. EPA Emerging Pathogen Policy info here. EPA registration information here.

Q: Are your capsules recyclable?

A:  Absolutely! With our Capsules & reusable bottles, you reduce your plastic waste from typical cleaning products by 97%.

Q: Does Force of Nature have a scent?

A:  Force of Nature has no added fragrances, so it’s perfect for families struggling with asthma and allergies. It has a light swimming pool scent that’s naturally created when salt, water & vinegar are electrolyzed. The scent is from the active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, which is the same active ingredient commonly used in wound, eye & veterinary care products.

Q: How does the cost of Force of Nature compare to other natural cleaners?

A:  The on-going cost of the multi-purpose cleaner you make is $.07 an ounce (or $.06 an ounce for subscribers), which is up to 80% less per ounce than typical natural cleaners like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers & Method and disinfectant sprays & wipes like Lysol.

Q: How much Force of Nature would I use?

A:  You’d use the same amount of Force of Nature as you use of the products you replace it with. For example if you use it to replace kitchen, bath, glass, floor cleaners, deodorizers and disinfectant sprays, you’d use the same amount of Force of Nature as you do now of those products combined.

Q: Why does the cleaner only last 2 weeks?

A: Just like bubbles in a carbonated drink, hypochlorous acid starts to dissipate over time. To be sure Force of Nature is at its optimal disinfecting power, you should use it within 2 weeks. The bottle is 12 oz, vs a typical cleaner which is around 26-32 oz. Most families use about a bottle a week when they use it for all their cleaning & deodorizing needs (replacing kitchen, bath, glass cleaners & deodorizers). Families who also use it on floors & rugs use even more. The light ring around the bottom of the Electrolyzer is color coded to let you know when it’s time to make a new batch.

Q: Can I use Force of Nature to clean stone? On what other surfaces?

A: You can use it to clean virtually any surface – sealed stone including granite, marble & quartz, wood, laminate, stainless steel, glass, grout, tile, porcelain, plastic, rubber & even on high chair trays & cutting boards. Deodorize trash, diaper pails, kitty litter, pet toys & bedding. Clean colorfast rugs (great for pet accidents!), stuffed animals, carseats & strollers. Always test first for color fastness in an inconspicuous spot, let dry before proceeding and don’t use on fabrics labeled “only non-chlorine bleach”. Because Force of Nature has no whiteners like bleach or titanium, it won’t remove set in rust, hard water, or mold stains on porous surfaces. With soap scum, depending on build up & surface porosity, you may need a mild abrasive like baking soda with your scrub brush the first few times. This is because soap scum builds up in layers & can require a few applications to break down. If you’re using Force of Nature on brass or copper, either rinse with water or wipe until it’s thoroughly dry because it shouldn’t sit on soft metals over time.

Q: Does it work with hard water?

A:  If you have hard water (> 100ppm), please use a water softener, distilled or de-ionized water instead of tap water. This is because the minerals in hard water interfere with the chemistry, making the cleaner less effective, and can shorten the life of your Force of Nature.

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  • Amy S.

    Someone gave their starter kit because they didn’t want it anymore, and now I can’t stop cleaning, we have a 1 year old Granddaughter and it’s safe to use around her and clean off her toys and surfaces that she touches, I usually use the whole bottle within 2 weeks or less, love that I can make more when I need it. Great Product and I will never go back to Lysol. Thank You Force of Nature!

  • Terri

    Luv Force of Nature…my go to every day, multiple times a day, many surfaces! Only downside is that I use the spray bottle so often (had it for 3-4 months) and now the spray bottle isn’t working great…bummed, but can always reuse another bottle in the house.

  • Stella

    I’ve been using Force of Nature for three years. I love how small the capsules are and easy to store. I love that I can hand my cleaner over to my kids and not have to worry. I use it to clean everything. I like to pour a bit in a small spray bottle to carry around with me.

  • Stephanie S.

    Love, love, love this product.
    Use it everywhere! Refrigerator inside and out, BBQ, grates and all, doorknobs, faucet handles, counters, sinks, bathrooms, cabinet pulls, waste baskets, and some places I may have forgotten to mention.
    It has eliminated the need for other cleaners, has no artificial scent or ingredients, saves the use of additional plastic bottles.
    Can’t ask for much more.

  • Sofreshandsoclean

    Love it! I recommend this to everyone. Every time I hear about a cleaning supply shortage, I’m so happy that I have Force of Nature. I also love that I can use this everywhere without worrying about chemicals, it doesn’t smell, and it’s good for the environment. There’s zero negatives. What are you waiting for?

  • Megan B

    Very good product! Easy to make solution and no toxic smell.

  • BiglouYonkers

    Simply Love this product Force of nature .I’ve been a dedicated customer since their early introduction. I love the fact that I can clean and disinfect anything and everything with this safe product. I m on auto ship so I will never run out
    Great product!!!

  • Great product – smells so clean!

    Great product! I love that I can make my own product. It’s so helpful when cleaners are hard to find.

  • Love product

    Absolutely love Force of Nature. Have had it since the summer, and so far have had no issues with the activator not working (thankfully). I know that has been an issue for many, but we’ve been good (I am tempted to get a backup just in case). I tend to deep clean every other week, so I tend to use a lot on toilets/sinks/counters/toothbrush holders first week, and then as supplemental the next week. We use it a lot after meal prep, but if anyone is having issues with having too much/not using, just spray your sinks, showers, toilets, etc., so you don’t have to waste it. I took advantage of the hurricane this fall to use it to clean out the fridge as well. Felt great and seems to make me more productive. Lol. Scent is nice as well. Has been great to have during this time. Great to bring along traveling (to spray hotel rooms, etc), or when doing every day errands

  • Very happy customer after 3+ years of use!

    We’ve used force of nature for a few years now and continue to be obsessed with this product and recommend it to family and friends. It’s a highly effective all in one solution for all of our household cleaning needs and especially helpful with all the messes that come with small children. My only negative is that we’ve needed to replace our spray bottle multiple times from how much we use it. I’d love to see force of nature come out with a mopping product similar to a swiffer wetjet for use with their cleaning solution!

  • Mina Shakiba

    My family and I have been using your product almost for a year and are very happy with the results . Using both all over the house where it’s needed to be sanitized and in our cars. Good Customer service too. Thank you!

  • Jim Seiler

    I received my original kit from my son after he did some research on the product. I have been so happy with the Force of Nature results that I ordered an extra spray bottle. This allows more flexibility since I don’t have to worry about having a bottle handy in all areas of the house.

    There is a portable commode, shower chair, wheel chair, and two walkers at use in my house – Force of Nature is phenomenal on all the surfaces. Not having to worry about toxicity is great when wiping up the floor and dog dishes/mats.


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