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Travel-Sized Bottle (3-Pack)

4.60 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
(10 customer reviews)


Grab this 3-pack of our 2 oz. bottles ready to be filled with Force of Nature.  The perfect size to fit in backpacks, purses, diaper bags, gym bags or jacket pockets. Your trusty assistant to help you clean surfaces on-the-go like shopping carts, cars, doorknobs, doorhandles, restaurant highchairs, tables and pretty much any high-touch surface.

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Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4.7 × 3.25 in

10 reviews for Travel-Sized Bottle (3-Pack)

  • Caren

    I have to say I Love this product! I was skeptical, I’m tired of buying things that don’t work…this is guaranteed which is a plus. I got mine as a gift for Christmas and I opened it early….shhh don’t tell. I had not heard about it so I looked at all that I could. Seriously what more could we ask for, all natural, easy to mix, less money, ok to be around kids and animals, disinfectant! This product has it all AND it works! Love it!

  • Jane

    I’m mystified as to what all the other reviewers are excited about regarding these travel sized bottles. While I do like the Force of Nature cleaning product so far, I was really surprised by what this product was and do not recommend it. $8.99 for three empty mini spray bottles? You can easily buy travel sized spray bottles elsewhere and don’t need to buy these travel bottles here at this price. To me, these seem to be of rather cheap quality.

  • Jennifer

    These are a must have if you have the Force Of Nuture System. Seriously, never fear a public bathroom again! No toilet seat covers? No problem…don’t hover! Spray and wipe and get on with your life. Changing table looking sketchy? Spray and go! Bathroom doesn’t offer paper towels and you have to touch the door handle…yep, spray and go! I’ve used this for so many uses and it’s so travel friendly.

  • T. Case

    These bottles are great for taking the cleaner to my job, to the car, and for handing out samples to friends! Everyone I have given it to has asked for more information about the product because they loved using it knowing that it was all natural and safe for their families.

  • Amy M

    Perfect for the diaper bag, purse, car, you name it! Happy to know I am able to clean on a moments notice without worrying about any chemicals! Reusable too!

  • Kathryn M

    These bottle are great for having a few bottles throughout the house and some to take on the go. I’ve also had friends ask about Force of Nature, so these work great for letting others have a little sample.

  • Sarah

    I really enjoy these little bottles! They are perfect for purses and diaper bag.

  • Veronica

    These little bottles are perfect for travel. I know that sounds weird but I take them on the go. Perfect size to take with me to clean up on the go.

  • Aurora

    The travel sized bottles are great, good quality and I love being able to take my cleaner with me. We aren’t allowed to use bleach products at work so this is perfect. Hoping this helps keep me from getting sick this year!

  • Margy R.

    Great little bottles for taking your cleaner on the go! I love being able to take a natural cleaner with you on vacation or even to a restaurant (especially during cold and flu season)give the surface areas a quite spray and wipe down and you are good to go! And without all the nasty chemicals!

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