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Wondering why you got a message about Force of Nature’s EPA registration? Here is a bit more detail for you. To receive federal EPA registration, the product is tested using extremely rigorous EPA approved anti-microbial testing protocols, in EPA approved labs, across multiple batches of product. Suppliers, purity, concentration & processing of all individual ingredients must be approved, with strict statistical limits on all. The product also goes through rigorous safety reviews. Force of Nature has completed that process & is an EPA registered disinfectant. The registration number is #93040-1.

Once the federal registration process is completed, the product must be registered in each state. No further product testing is required, but each state must approve documentation. We have filed the required documentation in all states and have received approval in almost all of them, however the reason you got the message was that we have not received the registration in your state. Each state works on a different timeline.

Because we do not yet have the registration for your state, we cannot claim that Force of Nature is a disinfectant nor provide you with any information on its disinfecting efficacy. We can only claim that it is a cleaner & deodorizer. If you’d like to proceed with your purchase, please click below.

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