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Electrolyzed Water

simple science, powerful results

Now Force of Nature brings this proven cleaning and disinfecting technology from the industrial space to your business.

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The Science Behind Electrolyzed Water


Force of Nature miniaturizes the electrolyzed water technology from the industrial space. Salt, water and vinegar are converted to electrolyzed water when an electrical current changes the chemical composition of the solution into two new ingredients:


Hypochlorous Acid
The same germ-killing substance your immune system makes



Sodium Hydroxide
A detergent common in toothpaste, skin care and cleaners. It contains only .0000003%, yet cleans as well as the top cleaning brands.

Why haven’t I heard of electrolyzed water?

The technology to make electrolyzed water has actually been around for years in the industrial space, where it’s used in green cleaners, wound, eye and even veterinary care products. But until now it required industrial-size equipment costing $10,000+. We scaled down the size and cost to make it accessible to any business or organization.

More About Electrolyzed Water

EPA-registered disinfecting and sanitizing

Force of Nature is an EPA-registered disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs: Staph, MRSA, Norovirus, Influenza A, Salmonella, and Listeria.

Salt, water and vinegar can kill germs?
Yes! It disinfects & sanitizes as effectively as bleach. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and has no toxic chemicals.

To be EPA registered, Force of Nature was tested using EPA testing protocols, in EPA approved labs, across multiple microbes.

See independent lab test results

Designated by the EPA for use in:


Daycares, preschools, schools, universities

Hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, veterinary facilities

Restaurants, hotels


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Hypochlorous Acid
Hypochlorous acid
fun facts

Besides being the active anti-microbial ingredient in Force of Nature, hypochlorous acid is the same substance your white blood cells produce to fight infection. It’s a type of chlorine and has a light swimming-pool scent. Like bubbles in a soda, it starts to dissipate after 2 weeks. That’s why you have to make it fresh. Our bottles are 12 oz. so that you can easily use it all up within 2 weeks.

The scoop on

You might be wondering why you need pre-measured Capsules. That’s because the chemistry is so sensitive that the EPA requires them.

Getting the pH precisely right ensures that the right concentration of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is created. The wrong pH can result in bleach, a solution that doesn’t meet EPA-required anti-microbial standards, or a shorter shelf life.

Enter our pre-measured Capsules!

A new standard
in eco-conscious cleaning

Break the cycle of toxic deodorizers, disinfectants and all-purpose cleaners with one powerhouse earth-friendly cleaner.

No more toxic chemicals going into our water system.

Re-usable bottles mean no more waste from single-use plastic bottles. Green Seal certified for environmental excellence.

Shipping boxes & Activator Capsules are 100% recyclable