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kills 99 percent of germs

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no toxic chemicals

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Toxic Chemicals

Meet the multi-surface cleaner & EPA registered disinfectant with no fragrances, dyes, surfactants, preservatives, quats, bleach, or alcohol. Can we get an amen?

force of nature no added fragrances

“Natural” 101

Did you know there are no federal safety standards for cleaners labeled as “natural”? Mic drop.

force of nature no added fragrances

That means “natural” brands often contain chemicals linked to endocrine-disruption, cancer, asthma and allergies. For example, phthalates are rampant in fragrances, but you won’t find these hormone-disruptors on labels. Or MIT, a preservative in “natural” cleaners, is linked to allergic reactions and lung toxicity.

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Safety Standards

Did you know that daily exposure to typical cleaning products has been proven to be as harmful as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day?

Gulp. And get this: bleach and quats, the 2 most common disinfectant ingredients, have been linked to health risks including COPD, asthma, allergies, and reproductive toxicity.

Force of Nature starts with just salt, water & vinegar and creates a multi-tasking cleaner you can feel good about using around your family.

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Ingredients You Can Pronounce

And spell. Force of Nature has none of the stuff you have to worry about using around your kids and pets.

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Brands listed are registered trademarks of these companies: The Honest Company, S.C. Johnson, Unilever, Clorox

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The Natural Cleaner & Disinfectant Without Compromise

No more trading off what works for what’s gentle enough to use around your family. Our super powerful all-in-1 antibacterial cleaner is just as effective as these products:




Bleach on germs
Formula 409 &
Clorox Clean Up on grease
Windex on glass




Scrubbing Bubbles
on soap scum
Resolve on rugs
Febreze on odors

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save up to 80%

per ounce when you switch to Force of Nature

At just 9 cents an ounce, you can save money in the first year, even after buying the Starter Kit. Cha-ching!

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Amazon Prime prices as of Sept. 2021. Pricing may vary. Brands shown are registered trademarks of: S.C. Johnson, Clorox, Reckitt, Unilever

Vinegar, Super-Charged.

Wondering how Force of Nature is different than cleaning with vinegar? The chemistry change that happens in the Electrolyzer makes all the difference. Here’s the scoop:

Force of Nature

force of nature spray bottle


vinegar bottle

Can be used on sealed stone, including granite & marble Can permanently etch, dull, & pit stone surfaces
Does not cause corrosion Requires rinsing on grout, polished concrete, rubber, wood
Safe for plants Can cause plants to grow more slowly or even kill them
EPA registered disinfectant & sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs: Staph, MRSA, Salmonella, Norovirus, Influenza A & Listeria when used as directed Not an EPA registered disinfectant or sanitizer. Does not kill 99.9% of germs
$.07 an ounce Typically $.08 or more per ounce, mixed cost depends on recipe

break the cycle



We say enough with the single-use bottles and toxic chemicals going into our water systems, how about you?

Our reusable bottles & Capsules reduce plastic waste by 97% vs. typical cleaners (and they’re free from BPA & BPS!)

Our shipping and Capsule packaging are recyclable.

And no more toxic chemicals going into our water system.

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