About Us

Sandy Posa

Founder and CEO

Sandy spent his career creating new products for the top consumer packaged goods companies in the world – Procter & Gamble, Kraft & Quaker Oats. Always searching for new technologies that could truly make a difference in consumers’ lives, Sandy discovered electrolyzed water and couldn’t believe it had never been brought to at-home use. An appliance that sends an electrical current through just salt, water & vinegar to create a cleaner & deodorizer as effective as bleach - with zero dyes, preservatives, fragrances, allergens or irritants – pretty amazing.The more Sandy learned about how electrolyzed water was different from conventional & "natural" cleaners, he knew taking on the large multinationals with a tiny entrepreneurial company would be a challenge but well worth it. With proven safety, cleaning & deodorizing benefits, yet at a fraction of the cost per ounce of typical cleaners, Force of Nature eliminates the tradeoffs in home cleaning products.As a husband & father of 3 in a longtime “green” household due to allergies, Sandy knows Force of Nature can make a big difference for families.  He looks forward to helping them finally say goodbye to the unpronounceable toxic ingredients, gloves & hazmat gear locked away in their cabinets.